The Move! OD Forum ?

The video underneath is a metaphor for what most of us, managers, teammembers, board and HR/OD practitioners and consultants are striving for. An organization, a team where we make each other better and where we truly collaborate and focus on our shared ambition and purpose.  Where we all contribute to the best of our abilities to the sustainable performance and development of our organization.


And this website offers you a possibility to draw on the experience of others, share your experience with others and together learn how to support our organization in just doing that : becoming a sustainable, learning & performing organization.

Just register and get access to the Move! OD Network and Forum !

What can I use the Network and Forum for ?
    • To get new insights and toughts about how to approach a situation or challenge you find yourself 'stuck' in
    • To share experiences in your organization or team, with other network members for them to learn from or to be inspired by
    • To get a sounding board before you launch a new idea or initiative in your organization or team
    • To share interesting insights you got from meeting a consultant, or practioner, reading a book or watching an interesting video on youtube
And how does it function ?intervisionstepsgb3

Well, the website provides three different tools that you can use to share experience and learn from each other:

    • you either post a question, an experience in the FORUM or share an interesting insight or a fascinating book. All other network members can then respond to this, further develop the idea, or challenge etc.
    • or you invite the network to hold an 'ONLINE INTERVISION SESSIONS' around your theme. You can use the video chat function on the website for this.
    • and in addition you can share documents, files and information through the upload and download function in our DOC SHARE section.
Is it than a sort of linkedIn ?

Not exactly, there are a few very clear distinctions with LinkedIn :

    • This network has a distinct focus on Organizational Development
    • This network is not a big anonymous pool, but a relatively limited number of people, who through the exchange will build a real learning relationship
    • We allow for 'online' intervision sessions (video chat) initiated by any network member and in which everyone who wants (after login) can participate.
    • The purpose is not to build a 'personal network' to further your career or to create an impressive CV
Who are the Network members ?

Generally speaking any 'stakeholder' in leadership and collaboration in organizational settings can contribute to this network.  More specifically : Team mebers, team leaders, projectmanagers, board or management committee members, in company coaches, facitlitators, OD experts, practitioners, consultants, .... Rank (or serial number) is not important, but your passion and energy for your team or organization is.

Who decides who gets to participate ?

At the start Move! will invite a number of people to enroll in the network.  And from then on, every single member is free to invite others who are willing to 'play the game'.  Guests can see (not participate) the website and the exchanges on the forum.  They can register and participate in the forum (after approval by moderator).  People who do not play by the rules will be blocked to participate in the forum and the videochat.

We invite diversity in background, experience, culture, languages, role, as it will enrich our learning process and we will accomodate that as much as possible in this forum.

What is off limits ?
    • using the network for personal marketing, jobhunting or talent acquisition
    • using it for commercial purposes : advertising your book, or your training session, or your consulting work.
    • anonimity : members need to use their own name and email no aliasses
    • everything that is illegal, offensive or vulgar language, SHOUTING, ...